The little guy who can walk and jump is a. Spores!
The little guy who can walk and jump is a. Spores!
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the video shows the spores of the genus Equisetum (a genus of ferns, Equisetum). These tiny spores are attached to X-shaped elastic filaments, a structure that changes the degree of bending according to humidity: curled up together in a wet state and slowly unfolded when dry.

with this deformable structure, spores can move in response to changes in humidity, which helps plants spread their offspring. They can randomly "walk" in all directions during periodic changes in humidity, and if the filament happens to be temporarily stuck by friction during drying and stretching, the spores can even accumulate elastic potential energy and jump. The spore bullet jumps at a speed of about 1m/s, jumping up to a height of 1 centimeter, which may sound unremarkable, but considering that the spores themselves are only about 50 microns in diameter, this is a remarkable high jump.

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the more I look at it, the more I feel that the twisted spores are very cute. _ (: ∠) _

the video comes from a study that observed the movement of this kind of spores. The original paper can see here: