The lightest metal structure in the world blows away in one breath!
The lightest metal structure in the world blows away in one breath!
So light ~

may look like some kind of steel ball for brushing the pot:

but it actually has a very powerful identity: it is said to be the lightest metal structure in the world (note: not the lightest metal). How light is it?

Dandelion can hold it up in one breath:

in October 2016, it won the Guinness Book of World Records. The density of this structure is only 0.9 mg/cm ³, which is 1 mg/cm 100 of Styrofoam.

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this thing, developed by researchers at HRL Lab, is a network structure made of nickel-phosphorus alloy that remains intact during compression and can be restored after compression. However, solid wire can not be woven into such a light structure, which is actually made up of thin-walled metal hollow tubes. It is said that the method of making this empty tube structure is to make a skeleton out of plastic, then add a thin alloy coating on it, and then dissolve and remove the plastic part.

according to the reports I have seen, the thickness of the nickel alloy layer in this structure is only 100 nm. In 2011, the research results were published in the journal Science. It is promising to be used to make something that needs to be as light as possible while keeping it tough.

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