The honey use of eyeliner: put makeup on male spiders?
The honey use of eyeliner: put makeup on male spiders?
A somewhat interesting research method _ (: interesting "∠) _

what is the most unexpected use of an eyeliner? At the Taylor lab at the University of Florida, the answer is: blacken the face of a spider.

here, one of the objects of study is a jumping spider named Habronattus pyrrithrix. The courtship of male jumping spiders is not only complex, but also quite risky: if the female doesn't like it, she may jump on it and eat it.

the male jumping spiders of this species have a bright color match: a touch of bright red under their eyes. This color can serve as a warning and reflect the health of spiders: the richer the food, the brighter the color. So the researchers naturally thought that this bright color should affect the judgment of females. So they did experiments to verify that some male jumping spiders painted black faces (Urban Decay's eyeliner was specifically used in the original text, considering that readers might ask), others remained red, and then saw how the females reacted. Research is ongoing, but red does seem to be useful: red-faced males are less likely to be attacked by females than blackened individuals.

(red face jumping spider and black face jumping spider. Photo: TAYLOR LAB)

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in addition, the lab also glued false eyelashes to other jumping spiders. This is another jumping spider species, Maevia inclemens. Some males of this species have a "three-pinch" shape, and the researchers used small bunches of false eyelashes to change the shape to see how the females would react to it.

(Maevia inclemens male's "three-pinch hair" look, I don't know what it will look like if I stick false eyelashes.)

the introduction of this study was seen in an article by WIRED. The final results have not yet been released, but it is interesting to think about the experimental scene.

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