The Gospel of Symmetry lovers! Neat division of algae
The Gospel of Symmetry lovers! Neat division of algae
Symmetrical things always look more comfortable.

these single-celled algae are models favored by microphotographers, and if you like symmetry, they will especially appeal to you:

(videographer: Wim van Egmond, time-lapse microphotography using dark field (160x))

(recorder: Jeremy Pickett-Heaps, time-lapse microphotography)

(this is a picture of the same algae Micrasterias denticulata)

the shape of these algae is very special, and the process of splitting into two is interesting. After the genetic material is replicated evenly, two new half-cells will slowly grow out from the middle. Scientists are also interested in these algae, for example, they will use them to study how the cell walls of plant cells form such complex shapes.

in Drum algae, there are also many species with radiation symmetry or asymmetry, which are very rich in shape.

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here are some different symmetrical structures of Drum algae:

and these are asymmetric species, and the shape is very casual:

of course, the symmetry of these algae is only roughly symmetrical, and the details do not guarantee that every half-cell is exactly the same.

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