The Emperor's New Clothes? The company wants people to spend $9500 on a dress that doesn't exist.
The Emperor's New Clothes? The company wants people to spend $9500 on a dress that doesn't exist.
The good news is that you don't need to be smart to see it (

picture comes from a company called TheFabricant. What makes it special is not the design, fabric or tailoring, but that the dress does not exist in the real world.

TheFabricant is a company that specializes in "digital fashion". They use technologies related to film and television special effects to produce "virtual fashions" that are tailored and visually realistic. Of course, people can only "wear" it in photos and videos. Recently they are going to start selling the virtual fashion called "Iridescence" for $9500-and it will be auctioned on the blockchain.

you may first think of the game skin and QQ Show that you paid for. This thing is a bit similar in nature, but it is still much more complicated technically. After all, it has to match the body shape of a real person, and the fabric has to look real when it flutters.

judging from the display on the The Fabricant website, what they do is still quite elaborate:

although it seems a little strange to have only clothes and no one's dynamic display.

the technology itself is not new, but the concept of "digital fashion" is really the first time I've heard of it. Spending a lot of money on a suit of clothes that doesn't exist in reality sounds a lot like the new clothes of the emperor of the new era. However, if some luxurious physical fashions exist just to wear them once or twice and take pictures, then it seems environmentally friendly to replace them with digital versions.... huh? The company also said that virtual fashion can "go beyond the shackles of the laws of physics", so if you want to make some unusual display effects, you should also be able to _ (: fashion)

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it should be fine to use this to display fashion brands, but personally, I don't know if someone will really buy it.

the picture in the article is from: The Fabricant, and the screenshot is from their Instagram account

their website:

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