The days of using the girl he likes as a lock screen are finally over.
The days of using the girl he likes as a lock screen are finally over.
Use the girl you like to do the lock screen.

I nodded.

I pressed the screen and looked at myself smiling at the camera with one side of my hair lifted, and smiled as well.

I put down my phone and tidy up my things. He thought: the days of using the girl he likes as the lock screen are finally over.

speaking, it's hard to understand using a girl you like to do a lock screen, not to mention that I've done it twice.

the moment I saw the picture, I was holding a pen, but I suddenly lost consciousness. My whole heart huddled together, as if I had been stuck in 101 glue. As long as I opened it a little bit, I felt like I was going to tear the skin on the surface.

maybe you can't get it in the first place, and what's even more sad is that you thought you could get it.

also that night, I replaced the lock screen with their official photo, hoping to exercise the mood that I was no longer sad to see this picture.

A week later, he and I tacitly did not mention the meeting.

I changed the lock screen and deleted the picture completely.

that circle of friends is a nine-palace grid that he rarely uses, each of which is a girlfriend taken from his point of view.

finally, I have to admit that the girl he likes is really good-looking, and the messages on Weibo are all cute and sunny.

once again, I set the picture of the girl he likes as a lock screen, telling myself to be better than I am now, as if I wouldn't lose the right to like others.


every time I pass by the subway station of his internship company, I will unconsciously look around. I want to see him but I am afraid of actually seeing him.

that day he was wearing a white shirt and carrying a black shoulder bag, only his hair was longer than before.

"it's annoying." I buckled the vibrating cell phone on the desktop.

"he has a girlfriend and keeps talking to me."

when I heard the word "break up", my mind went blank for a few seconds, and I picked up the tea at hand and took a sip.

he smiled and then asked, "what do you think of her?"

he bowed his head as if to avoid my eyes: "it's all right, actually."


before I was ready to check in, he said, "I was sent here the first time I saw you."

when I found a seat in the crowded waiting hall, I saw a message from him: "did we miss it?"

"is it still possible for us?"

the above became my last conversation with him.

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for a long time, I thought he would choose her "suddenly" because she was better, prettier, smarter, and even knew better than me when to express her love.

and he simply doesn't realize that "I've been flirting with him for three months" is based on the premise that "both people think the other may be their partner."

it is only because of the existence of "her" that I put the focus of things in the wrong place.

author /Xihe

Music /Viens-Palace

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