The condom of 1844 is made of sheep intestines! Want to know how it's made?
The condom of 1844 is made of sheep intestines! Want to know how it's made?
A little disgusting but powerful handmade that has been lost (there is an introduction to the practice, but it is not recommended to try. ) move the graph multi-p

when I was hanging out on iO9 today, I found that they had made such a disgusting but powerful attempt. They made a version of Sheep according to the recipe of 1844. Intestines! Avoid! Pregnant! Condom!

mm-hmm, so today I'm going to share with you about this kind of superclassical condom.

[Note: the production method is given here, but it is not recommended to try, and it is highly recommended to use …...

condoms are a very popular form of contraception. Today's condoms are mostly made of natural rubber latex and some of them are made of other polymer materials such as polyurethane. In fact, people began to use condoms before these materials appeared. The materials of these ancient condoms include fish swim bladder, animal intestines, animal skin and so on.

sounds pretty drunk, but at that time, there was nothing I could do about it.

so, how do sheep intestines become a condom? Here are the general steps of the prescription in 1844:

first, take the cecum of the sheep (the advantage of the cecum is that one end of the cecum is closed), wash and soak it in clean water and turn it over. Next, continue to soak with lye, change the liquid every 4-5 hours, repeat N times, next, scrape off the mucous layer, sulfur fumigation, then rinse clean, prop up the shape on the rod, and dry.

among them, the function of lye is to destroy the original biological tissue structure.

the following is a real-life demonstration (they have made some improvements to the steps):

what it looks like at the beginning of the blister:

after lye treatment, scrape it with a butter knife, leaving a white thin layer:

find a stick to hold it up, um.


by the way, because this kind of condom doesn't fit so well, you often need to add a strap when you actually use it:

it looks dry and hard after air-drying. when you use it, you have to soak it again:

compare the water with the modern condom (left):

try ~ (no! )

in short, after reading it, I think it's really good to be born in modern times.

original text:

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iO9:We Made Victorian Condoms and It Was Much Grosser Than We Expected

[important thing again: it is not recommended to try this DIY]

if you want to know how modern condoms are made, please poke and read the original

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