The butterfly on the fingertip: we are one step closer to the world of science fiction
The butterfly on the fingertip: we are one step closer to the world of science fiction
Three-dimensional imaging floating in the air! It's just that it's a little small _ (: "∠") _

in science fiction, we always see a lot of three-dimensional virtual images suspended in the air, which look particularly cool and convenient. But in reality, the three-dimensional projection technology is not so perfect, for example, its viewing angle may be very limited, and the image can not really be cast out of thin air.

now, a new projection technique brings us one step closer to what we look like in science fiction. This is a technique for projection directly in the air, and there are few restrictions on the viewing angle.

the following are several effects:

(the flicker of the pattern is related to the limit on the number of frames of video and motion pictures, and it is said that the actual observation will be better)

different from the previous way of thinking, this technique uses a laser that is difficult for the human eye to see, and then illuminates the small particles with light of different colors, creating a visible "spot" in the air by scattered light.

controlling small particles makes use of the optokinetic effect: when irradiated with light of sufficient intensity, the movement of small particles suspended in the air can be controlled because of the uneven temperature distribution after illumination. When the small particles move fast enough under the control of light, the trajectory of the light spot will look like a complete three-dimensional image.

the resolution of the 3D image is actually good, but the problem is that the size of the 3D image it produces is still too small (can be compared with the fingers that appear in the video …... ). In order to really apply it in daily life, we must first expand the scale of the display, which requires the ability to control the movement of many small suspended particles, and the technology still needs to be improved.

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but this is indeed a very interesting new idea, and the generated butterfly is quite cute.


below is an introduction video of Nature, you can also take a look at: