Texler vanishing effect: watch the color fade away in front of your eyes
Texler vanishing effect: watch the color fade away in front of your eyes
The smile fades away.

keep an eye on the small cross in the middle of the picture below, keep your eyes as still as possible, and then wait patiently. What do you see?

Yes, if you successfully stare long enough, you will feel that the colors around the picture are getting dimmer and fade away.

this phenomenon is known as the Texler evanescent effect (Troxler Fading Effect). It was first discovered by Swiss doctor Ignaz Paul Vital Troxler in 1804. When people stare at a constant visual stimulus for a long time, the picture in the peripheral field of vision will gradually dim or even disappear. If the pattern itself is blurry and the color contrast is low, then the effect will become more obvious, so the kind of pictures we see are always blurry and gray. The cross in the middle of the picture is not necessary, but it can help people focus their attention.

this phenomenon can be explained by neural adaptability. When gazing deliberately at the picture, the eyes continue to receive the same visual stimulus, and this constant and unimportant stimulus will be gradually ignored by the sensory system, and eventually people will no longer perceive it. When the line of sight moves, the visual information is "refreshed", and the color pattern is perceived again. A similar phenomenon of adaptation occurs in other senses.

in the picture of Texler vanishing effect, my favorite is the following Cheshire cat, which can be said to be very suitable! And this picture is also carefully designed, so that the color contrast and outline of the mouth and teeth are higher than other parts, so it disappears more slowly when gazing. It can achieve the effect that the face disappears and the grin can be seen as described in Alice's original work.

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this time it disappears very slowly, from the tip of the tail to the smiling face that cannot be seen at last. The smiling face stayed for a long time after the body disappeared. "Oh, I often see a cat without a smile," thought Alice, "but I've never seen a smile without a cat. This is the weirdest thing I've ever seen.