Sweet and salty! Plant a piece of "sugar salt" crystal
Sweet and salty! Plant a piece of "sugar salt" crystal
Sugar or salt? They're together.

crystallization is often used as a means of purifying certain compounds, but at some point, different compounds can also be orderly combined to form "co-crystallization". Glucose and salt (sodium chloride) can form a kind of co-crystallization (2C), such as:

aren't these crystals pretty? They are the works of Dmitry Shintyakov, who recently posted a lot of pictures of self-made "sugar and salt crystals" on the Internet and shared the production method with you.

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he let the solution slowly evaporate and crystallize. The specific method is as follows:

100g glucose and 15g sodium chloride dissolve in 90g 100g hot water, cool and let it slowly evaporate and crystallize in an open container. After the formation of small crystals, and then use them as "seeds", let the crystals continue to grow.

it took about a month to make these crystals, and the large ones can grow to 4 centimeters.

Crystal in growth:

Lithium salt looks pretty.

Lithium salt can also be co-crystallized with glucose with a structure similar to that of glucose. The following is a structure diagram:

the formation of such co-crystallization also has some practical value. One study pointed out that the formation of such co-crystallization of lithium salt can improve its property of easy moisture absorption. This may improve the stability of solid lithium salts for treatment (lithium salts can be used to treat mania).

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if you are interested, you can also try to make a sweet and salty co-crystallization.