Super No. 2 app! It can cause a big bang in the palm of your hand.
Super No. 2 app! It can cause a big bang in the palm of your hand.
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(this article starts in the fruit shell)

Today I'm going to come to Amway a super-handsome Super Secondary two app, which is called "Big Bang AR".

(Appstore screenshot)

this augmented reality software, launched by CERN (European Center for Nuclear Research) in collaboration with Google Arts & Culture, can trigger a "virtual Big Bang" in the palm of your hand and give you a taste of the 13.8 billion-year history of the universe in a 7-minute interactive film.

(photo source: Google Arts & Culture)

follow the software instructions to reach out a hand in front of the phone camera, clench your fist, and then slowly release it. The big bang that marks the birth of the universe unfolds in the palm of your hand!

(too middle two! )

next, you will first see the birth of various elementary particles, which combine with each other to form more complex particles, as well as galaxies.

quarks come together to form protons and neutrons (only the protons are truncated in the dynamic picture):

atoms begin to form:

app, you can look around the nebula with a mobile phone:

you can also click "detonate" a star at the end of life to enjoy the supernova explosion:

(the screen also says "move back" when the supernova explodes. Is it possible to withdraw the point so as not to be bombed _ (: ∠) _)

here we can also see how the planets in the solar system are born:

finally, we will see our Earth.

of course, this is, after all, the app participated by CERN scientists, and it is not enough to watch the excitement. The content presented in each chapter of Big Bang AR is accompanied by a corresponding popular science commentary (in English, and you can choose to open English subtitles), as well as related extended reading.

(select "readmore" for relevant information)

the axis below the interface also shows the corresponding time of the event:

and after watching the birth of the universe, you can also take a "star selfie" in app. Proudly announce that my body is full of chemical elements from the Big Bang and ancient stars (although I can't see the face _ (: pictures "∠) _)

after I try it, I generally feel that this app is probably a cool interactive science and education short film, but I personally like the ability to trigger a big bang with open hands. This app is free. It has been put on the App Store of Apple and Google. If you are interested, come and play. Source:

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↑ this link contains the download address, or you can search directly. As for the problem of incompatibility between versions, I can't solve it.

unless otherwise noted, the pictures in this article are all from mobile phone screenshots and screenshots.