Strange species: Hey, do beauties eat barbecue?
Strange species: Hey, do beauties eat barbecue?
Two big kidneys (no)

Blau (Laniidae Section) is a psychopath (? ) is famous on the Internet. Although it is a songbird, its behavior is very similar to that of raptors. It likes to hunt all kinds of small vertebrates. Mice, lizards and birds are all dishes in its bowl. Shrike's claws are too small to tear meat, so he hangs his prey on branches and thorns and pecks them with his beak as kebabs. It looks like the scene of execution, and it's pretty scary.

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Burrows hangs the caught mouse on the branch

Photo: hlasek

besides eating, "kebabs" have other uses. During the courtship season, most of the "kebabs" made by Lanius excubitor are not eaten, and they are deliberately stuck in a conspicuous place. During the courtship period, most songbirds sing and declare ownership of their territory. Shrike is not good at singing, so he "hangs his corpse in public" in the territory to tell passing Shrike that the land is owned. Wearing kebabs can also show your hunting ability and attract the attention of female Shrike.

Frog: I don't know how to MMP

Photo Source: floridacattleranch

after getting married and having children, the male will become a pragmatic "family husband". The female can't get away when she hatches her eggs and relies entirely on the food brought to her by the male. At this time, the "meat kebab" has become a reserve for his wife and children. At this time, Shrike would stick his prey in the thick bushes and hide it between the branches and leaves, so that it would not be easily eaten by others. During courtship, the "kebabs" are mostly placed on the edge of the territory so that other Shrike can see that after the chicks are hatched, the kebabs are moved to the vicinity of the nest and can be fed at any time, which is very convenient.

male Grey Burrows who feed their children

Photo: arkive

although male Shrike takes care of his family, he also has his bad habit: seducing other female Shrike. Shrike's territoriality is very strong, and the nests of Grey Burrows are 300-1000 meters apart, but Xiong Shriu will still run out to have an affair. Male Blau asks for mating in the same way, whether it is the original match or not. Facing the female Shrike, flapping her wings, singing, and offering a prey as a gift, the gift for the affair is often bigger than the original one.

Red-backed Shrike (Lanius collurio) feeds the female before mating

Photo Source: arkive

male birds may catch fire in their own backyard while having an affair. Burrows is open to the outside world, but intolerant and jealous. If he caught his wife wearing a green hat on him, he would be furious and attack the exotic male and his wife. So cheating is always sneaky. Blau will deliberately choose a hidden place to act. If the female sees her husband, she will immediately give up the affair and fly back to the nest.

Young Grey Burrows, pay attention to the pattern on your chest

Photo Source: minden pictures, photographer: Ronald Messemaker

as for gifts, of course, the bigger the better. Male Shrike, who chooses to bring big prey, can get not only more meat, but also higher quality sperm. Cheating with a large piece of meat is in itself a test of male ability: to catch big prey, fly a long way with a heavy burden, and sneak in without alarming the master of the territory. If it can be successfully completed, the hunting skills and physical quality of this male bird must be good.

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