Strange creatures: a rainbow nightmare at the bottom of the sea
Strange creatures: a rainbow nightmare at the bottom of the sea
Nightmarish predators! In fact, I think it's pretty cool, as long as you don't arrest me _ (: scratch "∠) _

you may also have seen such a dynamic picture on the Internet:

this is a desperate day for fish, swimming well in the sea and suddenly being dragged away by ambushed predators. And this strange-looking predator, whose scientific name is Eunice aphroditois, is a polychaeta, Bombyx mori family.

if you only look at the exposed part (and without looking at the picture of its prey), the animal seems to be a little beautiful: it is dressed in gorgeous iridescent colors:

its common name may be more familiar: bobbit worm. A widespread theory is that the name comes from the 1993 Bobbit case (in short, Mrs. Babbitt cut off her husband's Tintin in this case. ). Perhaps the brutal predation of the silkworm, Bombyx mori, is reminiscent of Tintin's fear of being split in two. ), but this statement is not so credible....

to be sure, these silkworms will not cut off human Tintin, but they are brutal enough to be the protagonist of your nightmares. This guy has been found in many warm waters. They live at the bottom of the sea at a depth of about 10 to 40 meters. On average, they can grow to 1 meter long and even reach 3 meters. They hide most of their long bodies in the sand and gravel at the bottom of the sea, revealing only a short part.

(probably this is the feeling. )

it waits in place, using five "antennas" to sense its prey. When it senses the approach of its prey, it will quickly attack with its overturned feeding organs, and sometimes even directly halve its prey. Next, the captured prey will be dragged into their dark caves. What happened after that is not clear, but the researchers speculate that it will inject toxins into its prey and digest it slowly. In addition to catching prey, they also eat seaweed.

↓ finally play the full version of Smithsonian Channel's classic nightmare video. You can have a good dream (Hello)


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