Soft mini machine, can walk, jump and swim!
Soft mini machine, can walk, jump and swim!
The wiggling is very cute.

this small black piece, which is less than 4mm in length, seems inconspicuous at first glance.

when it is placed in a specific magnetic field, the little guy seems to be alive: it can "walk", roll, jump, wriggle through narrow gaps, and even swim like a jellyfish.

this little guy is a small-scale flexible robot, from a recently published study. It is made of silicone rubber with many tiny magnetic particles embedded in it and magnetized in a specific way in advance (to be exact, it is rolled up and magnetized and then unfolded, as shown below). Next, through the control of the changes in the external magnetic field, different modes of movement can be realized on the soft small machine.

this flexible and simple gadget can be made into a state compatible with human tissue, and researchers hope to use it to deliver drugs to specific parts in the future, or to perform minimally invasive medical procedures.

in the design, this little guy borrows from the movement of some animals. When it moves, you can also see the shadow of jellyfish, insect larvae and other animals. The wiggling looks lovely.

you can see the full version of the effect in the video below:


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