Small World Photography Award: what happens when a laser passes through a soap bubble?
Small World Photography Award: what happens when a laser passes through a soap bubble?
Microphotography appreciation

some time ago, Nikon's "small World" (smallworld) Microphotography Award announced this year's dynamic team's award-winning works. Today, three videos were selected from the shortlist to share with you. Note: the following is only selected according to personal interests and does not represent the order of winners.

Laser passes through soap bubble

Recorder: Dr. Miguel A. Bandres & Anatoly Patsyk

this is the second work, but my favorite one, because it let me learn a new optical phenomenon, and the visual effect is also very good.

when a laser beam shoots flat into the soap bubble film and propagates through it, something magical happens: the laser beam forms a number of slender and clear "branches" that change angles quickly and don't seem to interfere with each other. Scientists have reported this phenomenon at least more than a decade ago, but until now its exact cause has not been determined. The above video was also recorded by the author while studying the phenomenon. The video also shows the interference color on the soap bubble film, which can reflect the thickness of the local liquid film.

the video author published a corresponding conference paper, in which it is indicated that this phenomenon is related to the laser intensity: as the laser intensity increases, the "branch" becomes thinner and reaches a minimum. But the specific interaction between the laser and the liquid film has not been determined. The corresponding paper:

soy sauce crystallization

recorder: Wojtek Plonka

this is only a shortlist and did not win a prize, but I quite like the subject of tinkering with daily objects, and everyone can try it. The process of gradual evaporation and crystallization of soy sauce under a 40-fold magnification microscope (probably mainly salt and amino acid crystallization? ).

Recorder: Rafael Mart í n-Ledo

A worm (Syllidae, belonging to the annelid phylum Polychaeta) is photographed here, but the specific species is not clear. This is the third award-winning work, in short, it is a kind of magic cute.

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for a complete list of finalists and winners, please see:

Unfortunately, the introduction of works for this award is always very short _ (: introduction "∠) _