Small production: plastic bottle fountain
Small production: plastic bottle fountain
A small fountain can be made with three plastic bottles and a few straws.

you can make a small fountain with three plastic bottles and several straws.

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the video below is a full version of the effect I shot, mainly to show the duration of the fountain (about a minute, slightly monotonous, or you can skip it):

this device is called "Hiro Fountain". It is a small device with a long history, invented by the ancient Greek mathematician Hiro.

first take a look at the structure diagram of the device:

before you start, fill the middle bottle with enough water. Next, pour some water into the top small bowl, and the water goes through the green pipe into the bottom bottle, and then the air in the bottom bottle is compressed upward, and the air is connected to the middle plastic bottle through the purple tube, where the air presses down the liquid surface, and finally, the downward water is ejected through the orange tube.

during the work of the fountain, the water in the middle bottle decreases gradually, the water in the bottom bottle increases gradually, and finally the water in the middle bottle runs out completely, and the fountain will stop.

the rough manufacturing process is as follows:

① unscrew the caps of bottles b and c and glue them together face to face with hot melt adhesive. Next, drill two holes in the bottle cap that allow the straw to pass vertically.

drill holes can be made with electric drills or electric soldering irons. If you drill holes with these things, you can glue the two bottle caps together before drilling holes. However, I don't have either, so I use an awl and a knife to punch the hole. First use an awl to penetrate and enlarge the hole, and then cut off the raised part. With an awl piercing, the two caps can only be pierced separately and then glued together. At this time, special attention should be paid to the position of the hole.

② prepare three pipes in the fountain device. The specific length depends on the height of the plastic bottle you use. It is generally necessary to connect multiple straws together to make sure that the straw length is in line with the position relationship in the picture (note: the green straw should be able to penetrate the top bottle cap). The joints of all straws should be sealed with hot melt glue.

③ makes a hole in the bottom of bottle b, as long as it is big enough to walk through a straw. The center of the bottom of the bottle is a very thick place on the plastic bottle. It is not easy to open a hole. One of the ways I see is to heat the knife on the fire and then cut it. I myself pierce a hole with an awl and then cut off the connection between the holes with scissors. ).

④ cut bottle an as shown, leaving only the top section (this step is fine), and drilling two holes in the bottle cap to walk the straws marked orange and green.

⑤ can then be assembled as shown. The most important thing to note is that all seams must be sealed as far as possible, the bottle cap should be tightened, the bottle cap should be sealed around with hot melt glue where it passes through the straw, and after the top bottle an is filled at the bottom of bottle b, seal all possible leaks.

(the place between bottle an and bottle b needs to be sealed. The picture shows how much hot melt glue I have piled on _ (: hot "∠) _)

when all the seams are no longer leaking water and gas, the fountain is done!


① pour water into the small bowl of bottle a, and the water will enter bottle c at the bottom.

② reverses the whole device, and water flows from bottle c into bottle b. Make bottle b about 7 or 80% full

③ restore the device upright, add some more water to the small bowl of bottle a, and if all goes well, the fountain will start spraying.

if the fountain does not work properly or lasts for a very short time, it is usually due to poor sealing, so observe them carefully and seal them up.

the practices and related explanations of other versions of Hiro Fountain can be found here: