Small production: paper cup aircraft
Small production: paper cup aircraft
Paper cups can also take off! Although it can't fly very far.

another small rotating flying device, the process of making and releasing is very simple (but it doesn't actually fly very far. ).

the release effect is as follows:

the materials needed to make an aircraft are very simple, as long as you find two identical disposable paper cups (plastic foam cups are also OK), and stick the bottom of the two cups together with adhesive tape:

the tool used for release is a long rubber band, which can be made by connecting four ordinary rubber bands together:

when releasing, press and hold the rubber band at one end. Tighten and wrap around the middle of the paper cup, finally leaving a band, pull the belt like a slingshot, and then release the hand holding the cup. The most important point is the direction of the belt winding, as shown in the following figure:

Why does it have to be this direction? Because the cylindrical rotating aircraft uses the Magnus effect to provide lift, if it rotates in the opposite direction, it will no longer be subjected to an upward force in the air (the direction of force will become downward). The paper cup fell to the ground soon after it ejected.

when the rotation angular velocity vector of a rotating object does not coincide with the object flight velocity vector, a transverse force will be generated in the direction perpendicular to the plane composed of the rotation angular velocity vector and the moving velocity vector. This is the Magnus effect. This force is the reason why the rotating ball can walk out of an arc in the air, and it can also provide an upward force for rotating cylindrical aircraft to hold them up. On the upper and lower sides of the rotating cylinder, there is a difference in the flow velocity of air, which leads to the difference of force. For a cylinder that rotates clockwise while flying to the left, the transverse force is upward.

(a diagram on the wiki, the original picture shows flying to the right, which I turned)

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when releasing the paper cup aircraft, it is also important to note that when releasing the hand holding the paper cup, the ejected paper cup is easy to hit the hand with the belt in front, affecting the rotation flight. So while loosening the paper cup, it is best to pull the front hand down at the same time.

although you can't fly very far, it's interesting to watch paper cups take off.

the demo pictures in the article are all from the video recorded by Bruce Yeany:

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