Sit on the boat and let the robot dive for you!
Sit on the boat and let the robot dive for you!
A very "friendly" diving robot _ (: friendly "∠) _

Today, we will introduce a new type of robot-OceanOne, which has recently appeared in the news. As the name suggests, this is a robot designed to embrace the sea, and its main task is to dive.

at work, it goes like this:

A close-up in a swimming pool:

unlike many underwater detection devices, this robot is designed like a human. It has two "eyes" and two hands, but it has no legs. The robot was developed by researchers at Stanford University, who say it has a "friendly" face (friendly face), but I can't agree with it at all.

the robot's own program can perform some actions such as automatically avoiding obstacles, but it mainly depends on people to operate. When it dives, the operator on board can control it intuitively:

there is a tactile sensor on the "hand" of the robot, and the grip strength can be adjusted through the data it feeds back for more elaborate operation.

the development of this robot is mainly to meet the needs of some coral reef research, it can replace human beings to dive to deeper waters more safely. In addition, OceanOne can also be a good helper in underwater archaeology. It is like a "stand-in" for human divers and is intuitive to operate.

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and you can enjoy their "friendly" faces, um...

reference to this article: OnceanOne, a Mer-Bot Dive Buddy With a 'Friendly Face'