see things in a blur! There is a feather flying in the sea?
see things in a blur! There is a feather flying in the sea?
Exotic marine life

A feather flying up and down? The magical gesture is dazzling.

this is actually a kind of invertebrate in the ocean, which is called "Feather star" (I can see it is called "sea feather star", or sea ferns in some places). Feathered starfish may be translated as "feathered starfish" in some places, but it does not belong to starfish, but belongs to the class Crinoidea, just a species without a stalk. Sea lilies have slender and beautiful wrists and feet, and many of them are like "flowers" or "feathers" in the ocean, which are very beautiful.

this swimming "sea feather star" was photographed by diver Els van den Eijnden in Thai waters. This scene is very rare, many of these animals do not swim, but attached to sponges, corals and other things. As for the reason it swims, it may be to avoid predators or to move itself to a new place.

but all in all, the way it swims is so eye-catching.

there are others that people may not think of as marine creatures who can swim, although they may not swim fast.

for example, scallops:

scallops use well-developed adductor muscles to control the opening and closing of shells, so they can swim a short distance. It is said that when the scallop swims, it opens its shell to absorb water, and then the front edge membrane closes to prevent the water from spurting out from the front, so that the water is sprayed out from behind.

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some kinds of sea anemones can swim two steps when pressed. Although they look clumsy, it is useful for them to escape predators:

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