Secret fear welfare (? ): enjoy a divided frog egg up close
Secret fear welfare (? ): enjoy a divided frog egg up close
The beginning of a life.

the division of a fertilized egg, the beginning of a rope life

A close view of the division process of a forest frog (Rana temporaria) egg. This is a time-lapse photography, which actually took 33 hours and was condensed into a 23-second video. Photographer: francischeefilms

the frog eggs illuminated by LED were photographed through a microscope on the shockproof platform.

it can be seen that frog eggs do not remain uniform and symmetrical during division. The animal pole of the frog egg is shown at the top of the picture. The cells on this side are smaller, divide faster, and are more dense.

of course, after that, there are many stages of development before the tadpoles break out of their shells. The following is a brief picture of the whole process of frog egg growth:

the tadpole is born in this way.

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the following dynamic picture comes from: