Salmonella incarnation constellation! What did the Big Touch draw on the petri dish this year?
Salmonella incarnation constellation! What did the Big Touch draw on the petri dish this year?
This year's petri dish painting contest

remember the microbiologist who painted with bacteria on the petri dish? This year, the American Society for Microbiology's petri dish painting contest has been held for the fourth time. On May 23, they announced this year's award-winning works, and as usual, they will enjoy them with you.

author: Ana Tsitsishvili

this year's champion work was created by Ana Tsitsishvili, a student of Georgia Agricultural University.

the white "winter" consists of staphylococci and Bacillus fungoides, which cannot break through the midline of the petri dish because the culture medium on the other side contains antibiotics that inhibit the growth of these bacteria. The spring side contains micrococci and Saccharomyces cerevisiae, which are resistant to antibiotics in the culture medium.

Yellow Vision (My Yellow Vision!)

author: Bornali Bhattacharjee

second place work. Obviously, the author is paying homage to Van Gogh's classic "Fifteen Sunflowers in a Vase". The writer is a doctor who studies antibiotic resistance, and he also hopes to attract more attention to this field through petri dish art.

nourish (Sustenance)

author: Mehmet Berkmen,Maria Pe ñ il Cobo

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third place work, which is the product of cooperation between researchers and artists. The work creatively connects two petri dishes with a red rope. The petri dish below shows the fetus, the top shows the breast and breast, and the red line represents the microbial communication between the baby and the mother. In this work, bacteria isolated by artist Pe ñ il Cobo from himself and his 1-year-old daughter are added to represent the microbial connection between mother and son.

Salmon Odyssey (A Salmonellosis Odyssey)

author: Mar í a Laura Echarren

this concise and exquisite work is a favorite of onlookers, and it has received the most likes on the Facebook page. The fluorescent green highlights that make up the constellation are salmonella colonies that express green fluorescent protein. The picture shows Leo, Pegasus, Ursa minor, Orion, Southern Cross and Phoenix.

We are tiny in front of the vast universe, and bacteria are the same for humans, which inspired Echarren, so she created this little "bacterial universe".

I feel that there are more and more big touches in this competition, and I don't know what new games will evolve in the future.

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