Robot art contest! What did they draw?
Robot art contest! What did they draw?
Robots also have their own drawing competitions.

in life, new technologies also have a lot of inspiration for artistic creation, such as 3D printing, artificial intelligence or new materials, which artists are also interested in.

using machines to help people with artistic creation is not a new concept, but the special "robot art competition" is still a new thing. The competition, called robotart, began in 2016.

the founder of this competition is Andrew Conru, who has a PhD in mechanical engineering design and loves art. The competition requires machines to "hold" real brushes to complete creation, rather than just making a digital version or printing it out. In this year's competition, robots can use up to eight kinds of pigments, which can be mixed together by machines, but people cannot do it manually.

people can manipulate the machine in a variety of ways, or add artificial intelligence and let it "think" about how to write. In fact, the participating teams did come up with a variety of interesting ideas, such as choosing to use eye movement capture systems to give instructions to machines, while others asked people to give remote advice to "robot artists" on the Internet. Both copying and completely original works can participate, and the award-winning works will eventually be judged according to the technology used, people's vote on the work and other factors.

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here are some of the creations of the participating robots:

some are very fine, some are very casual, but they all feel very interesting.

this competition is open to everyone. Whether students or researchers in related fields, enthusiasts can come to develop their own creativity.

this year's entries are voting, if you are interested, this is their website:

, speaking of painting, Google has also been making their artificial neural network system learn to recognize and reproduce various pictures. I think one of the most interesting projects is quickdraw, which allows netizens to draw a sketch in 20 seconds according to a specific topic. And let AI learn to recognize the graffiti. If you are interested, you can try to draw a picture and see if AI knows your work.

the URL is here:, this needs to climb over the wall)

the following group is the one I drew before: