Record update! How small is the smallest periodic table in the world?
Record update! How small is the smallest periodic table in the world?
Before clicking on it, you can guess how big it is.

how small is the smallest periodic table in the world? This record has been updated recently. The new mini periodic table record was born at the University of Nottingham. The ultra-small periodic table engraved on a silicon wafer is only 14 μ m by 7 μ m.

A picture of local details:

the whole work, in addition to the periodic table itself, includes miniature portraits of two people: Dmitri Mendeleev (Dmitri Mendeleev) and Yuri Oganesian (Yuri Oganessian). Mendeleev should not need to be introduced, and the last one is a nuclear physicist.

what is special about the identity of Oganesiang is that his name was used to name chemical elements when he was alive (element 118,118 Og, which I can't type). There are only two people with this treatment so far (the other is Glenn Theodore Seaborg, named element 106𬭳), and O'Ganeshsiang is the only one alive.

the following picture shows the full picture of the portrait:

(Mendeleev on the left and Oganixiang on the right. The portrait is more complex, so it is still much larger than the periodic table itself.)

so, how does such a small periodic table do? The general process is as follows: first, the pattern is engraved on the polymer film by electron beam lithography (electron beam lithography) to make a "template". Then the pattern of the "template" is engraved on the silicon wafer by reactive ion etching (reactive ion etching), and eventually a layer of gold film is deposited on the surface.

in fact, the last record of the minimum periodic table also came from the University of Nottingham. The funny thing about that version is that it was engraved on the hair of chemist Matia Polykov. The British chemist is also an online celebrity of chemistry science on the oil pipe, and it is estimated that many chemistry enthusiasts have seen his video.

(periodic table of elements in hair. The size is 89.67 μ m * 46.39 μ m)

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(this is the owner of the hair Martyn Poliakoff)