Real pat: see how your fingertips sweat
Real pat: see how your fingertips sweat
You only need to magnify 20 times to see it.

Today, I mainly want to share my own video of sweating fingers:

if you zoom in on your fingers, you can see that there are many small sweat pores on your fingerprints, from which transparent sweat is secreted. Small droplets come out so fast that they are easy to observe. (here is 20 times magnification)

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there are two kinds of sweat glands: apocrine gland and eccrine gland. What we see on the fingerprint are eccrine glands. Human beings are animals with a wide range of eccrine glands, which are found in almost all parts of the body, and the density of palms and soles of feet is the highest.

the rich sweat glands on the fingerprint also provide some clues for the detection of the case. On the one hand, the chemicals left behind by secreting sweat can be detected, on the other hand, the distribution characteristics of sweat gland openings can also be used as an auxiliary basis for fingerprint identification.

the stereomicroscope of Bresser, which is sold in the shell store, is used here. (however, I don't really want to recommend this microscope. 20x magnification is still too small. I can't see a lot of things.)

if you are interested, you can also observe it. As long as the magnification is enough, it should be easy to see.