Precious image: deep-sea mackerel "fit"
Precious image: deep-sea mackerel "fit"
The mackerel is always complained about its ugliness, but I really feel that the live mackerel is so beautiful when I see this video.

carcass is a kind of fish I have read about in books since I was a child. My impression of it may be its big mouth, strange appearance, and luminous organs like a lantern. Prior to this, people's understanding of these deep-sea fish depended largely on the dead individuals caught. Scientists have identified more than 160 species of mackerel from these specimens, and there are really few video records about them.

and what I'd like to share with you today is an image of a live mackerel. This video not only shows bioluminescence, but also shows the male who "fits" with the female, which can be said to be very precious.

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this video was taken at a depth of 800m, filmed by deep-sea explorers Kirsten Jakobsen and Joachim Jakobsen from the submarine. After taking the video, they sent the video to Ted Pietsch, a deep-sea fish researcher at the University of Washington. Identified by Pietsch, the species they photographed was Joe's stem horn 𩽾𩾌 (Caulophryne jordani).

there are many filamentous structures around the female's body, and these "tentacles" help the mackerel perceive its prey. Such an omni-directional perception without dead corners is of great significance, because there is not much to eat at this depth, and it must seize every opportunity to hunt as much as possible.

the small male on the female is also a very important point in this video. Once the male meets the female, the male will bite each other, and eventually the body tissue will fuse with each other. Through the female's blood system to obtain nutrients, while providing the female with the sperm needed to reproduce. In the deep sea where a mate is hard to find, this is also an effective way to maintain the population.

scientists have known about this magical phenomenon through the individuals caught in the fish before, but it is still very shocking to see them alive, which is much more beautiful than the specimens soaked in formalin.

it is important to note that not all mackerel have the characteristics that males attach to females. After all, the order Coleoptera contains many different species, only some of which have this kind of sexual parasitism. You can read the original text if you want to know more.

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