Powerful and gentle: watch the robotic arm pick up a raspberry
Powerful and gentle: watch the robotic arm pick up a raspberry
Can also be invisible (wrong)

can gently pick up a raspberry, can catch eggs, and can be designed to easily lift a bucket of water. This is a new type of "muscle" design that can be used in robots.

this design combines two commonly used technologies: electrical and hydraulic. The insulated liquid (which is actually vegetable oil) is encapsulated in small bags with electrodes in the middle on both sides of the bag. When an electric field is added, the electrodes get close to each other and squeeze the liquid out, changing the shape of the small bag to drive the machine.

the reason for adding electricity to hydraulic pressure is that it makes the "muscle" react faster than simple hydraulic pressure, and can even wobble quickly and repeatedly. At the same time, it makes up for a disadvantage of using voltage to drive the deformation of elastic materials. The general "dielectric elastomer" technology sandwiches elastic solid materials between the electrodes, which will also complete rapid deformation, but if the high voltage breakdown will affect the local material. If there is a liquid between the electrodes, the effect of breakdown can be easily recovered.

these muscle components can be made of very cheap materials, and they are also easy to design into different forces, which can be used to make robotic arms and drive robots. And from the video point of view, it also has an advantage of honey: it can be invisible in oil! Nonsense, the oil in the bag must be the same as the refractive index. I don't know what the use of this is.

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