Potato chip circle: before I tried, I didn't expect this little trick to be so lame.
Potato chip circle: before I tried, I didn't expect this little trick to be so lame.
A complaint.

Today's tweets may not have much to do with scientific knowledge, mainly a small complaint.

I don't know if you've ever seen the trick of making a circle of barreled potato chips before. Recently, I also tried to do this, and the final effect is as follows:

if you choose the right potato chips, and with the help of a little auxiliary props (I put a cup on each side, because it's easy to pour on both sides), it's not too difficult to build this circle.

but! What I want to complain is that it was only through this attempt that I learned a very important thing-many of the barrels of potato chips we sell here can't do this at all.

the premise that potato chips can be made into a circle is that its shape is a hyperbolic paraboloid (pictured below), which is often called a saddle surface. Bagged potato chips are made directly from sliced potatoes, while barrel potato chips are pressed with a mold, and the shape depends on the production mold.

making pressed potato chips into a hyperbolic paraboloid is said to be the original creation of Pringles. I have seen several different explanations for the benefits of doing so, including being less fragile, looking distinctive, aerodynamically not easy to fly around during production, increasing the taste, and so on. Whatever the reason, the saddle chips with an arc on the back allow them to overlap each other to form an arc or even a complete circle, and the approximate curvature of the back can be estimated by the size of the circle.

maybe it's a saying that potato chips are saddle noodles on the Internet, and I don't eat potato chips very much, so I thought barreled potato chips were in this shape. However, when I bought a few buckets of potato chips to try, I found that this was not the case at all. The back of these potato chips was completely flat.

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so, as expected, the potato chip circle didn't work at all. _ (: potato "∠) _

so I thought, maybe only Pringles's potato chips will do? Then I bought Pringles potato chips sold in the supermarket, and as a result-potato chips are still not saddle noodles.

this makes people a little skeptical about life _ (: chocolate "∠) _

. In the end, I bought the American version of Pringles potato chips from the imported supermarket. This time it's saddle noodles. The following picture is a comparison:

(on the left is the Chinese version of Pringles. )

I don't want people to buy imported Pringles potato chips (I still buy salt and vinegar, which is not delicious at all). I just want to say that if you open the potato chip bucket and find it in the shape on the left, don't try to build potato chips. It won't work at all. (╯ '□') ╯ potato ┻━┻

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