Popular science triggered by a wave of mental retardation: laundry beads can't be eaten!
Popular science triggered by a wave of mental retardation: laundry beads can't be eaten!
A stunning operation.

recently, there has been a wave of speechless wisdom extinguishing operations on the extranet: the challenge of eating laundry beads. Because it is so mentally retarded, I can't help but want to share it with you.

laundry beads is a relatively new form of detergent. It looks like a small "pillow", wrapped in colorful liquids under a layer of film, as long as the whole is thrown into the washing machine, and the outer layer dissolves in contact with water, which can be easily used.

unless a child eats it by mistake, no one should eat it. But some teenagers took the initiative to put it in their mouths and filmed it into a video. This is the so-called "laundry bead challenge".

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(washing and baking pizza with condensed beads. (don't imitate)

people may inevitably want to do something stupid when they are young, but this wave of challenges is really worrying: eating these colorful detergent "little pillows" brings clear health risks. It's even worse if children read it and imitate it. In order to prevent more people from joining the challenge of mental retardation, the official (because the challenger used most of his products, which can be said to have been shot lying down) and the major media began round after round of heartbreaking popular science.

I'll just put a few titles for you to feel.

(teenagers encourage each other to eat laundry beads, needless to say, it's a bad idea (but in the end, you have to say …... )

(Yes, people are really eating laundry beads, no, it's not safe)

(if you really knew what was in it, you wouldn't have died! )

CompoundInterest also created an information icon specifically for this matter:

I feel that reading the article can imagine how devastated people who write popular science are, and no one thought that anyone would take the initiative to eat this thing.

so why is it dangerous to eat laundry beads? It's not that there's any very toxic ingredient in it, mainly because it's highly concentrated. The outside of the laundry beads is a layer of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) film, this plastic can be dissolved in water. Inside the film are a variety of cleaning ingredients, including surfactants such as alkylbenzene sulfonates, ethoxy alcohols, and other additives such as enzymes.

for ease of use, the liquid in laundry beads is highly concentrated and has less water content than ordinary laundry detergent. Concentration means stronger irritation and a higher dose of exposure in one mouthful. Its alkalinity is quite strong, which means that chemical burns can occur in the digestive tract when biting open and swallowing laundry beads, and if accidentally inhaled, it will cause irritation to the respiratory tract.

before that, some very young children accidentally ate laundry beads, and the risk was even more prominent in such cases. Although the frequency is not high, it is true that some young children who eat by mistake have more serious symptoms such as coma and pulmonary edema. Because of these cases, some products have specially begun to add particularly bitter benzoate to the packaging film of laundry beads to prevent children from eating by mistake.

in short, I hope this round of wisdom extinguishment will stop here, and it will not be transmitted into the country.... Don't you ╯ '□' ╯ clothes quietly? parents should also keep an eye on their children so that they don't eat anything they shouldn't eat.

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