Plastic bottles can build bridges and boats!
Plastic bottles can build bridges and boats!
You can build a lot of things by printing small parts with plastic bottles and 3D.

what can beverage bottles do? It can build a small bridge! This is not a decoration, people can really walk on it:

these plastic bottles can also be used to make chairs:

A complete set of tables and chairs is no problem. Sit down and talk.

3D printing has made it easy for people to make a lot of small parts, but large things are still not so convenient. In this way, it only takes some plastic bottles and a small 3D printer to make a large structure.

they have specially designed a software in which the desired shape can be easily transformed into a corresponding plastic bottle structure:

using plastic bottles to build all kinds of things, which has been tried before, and this design software still gives people more possibilities. after all, here, people who do not understand engineering design can also create, and the software itself can calculate the load.

next, just prepare the plastic bottles, print some small connecting parts in 3D, and then assemble them:

the bottles are fixed like this:

the bridges and seats made in this way are strong enough to withstand human weight.

in a similar way, you can even build something bigger, such as a small shed with cat ears:

you can even use it as a skeleton to make a boat that you can really row:

next time the beverage bottles don't sell junk, I'll keep the cover suite.

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