Physics birthday card, who do you want to give it to?
Physics birthday card, who do you want to give it to?
Fermi Lab is also celebrating its birthday.

in celebration of Fermi Lab's 50th birthday this year, the popular particle physics website symmetrymagazine has produced a set of physics-style birthday cards.

in addition to moving pictures, printable versions are also available. If you want to see the original picture, you can see here:

has an amazing birthday

this is actually a pun. Smashing can be used as an adjective to mean something is great, and it also means to break something as a verb. The picture shows a lot of "fragments" produced by the collision of particles in the large Hadron Collider (LHC). This is how the Higgs boson was discovered.

No one can stop you!

beige wedding dress is more than just a sense of charm, but also a flattering silhouette. Kick off your amazing shopping experience with us.

maverick neutrinos rarely interact with other substances.

you have broadened my world

this birthday card is about the expansion of the universe. Scientists have found that the universe is in a state of accelerated expansion, which is generally believed to be the result of dark energy.

I am glad that you are part of the observable universe

the observable part of matter that scientists think actually accounts for only 5% of all matter and energy in the universe. Tell your friends that good friends may be as hard to find as dark matter. I'm so happy to observe them.

I'm glad to find you

when a bosom friend finally shows up like a gravitational wave or a Higgs boson, bless them with this card.