No one has ever been so close! How volcanoes erupt from high altitude
No one has ever been so close! How volcanoes erupt from high altitude
Go to the top of the crater and have a look (of course, you don't have to go to the physical body)

fly over an active volcano and see how it erupts up close!

it feels spectacular.

here is Volc á n de Fuego, an active volcano in Guatemala. The eruption was captured with a scientific drone. Researchers at the University of Cambridge and the University of Bristow are collaborating on the study.

scientists need to understand volcanoes and the laws of their activities. However, there is a contradiction in the research work: the more active the volcano is, the more it needs to be analyzed, but there is no doubt that such volcanoes are also more dangerous, making it difficult for people to observe and sample them, so that the collection of scientific research data will be limited.

at this point, drones are needed. Fly over the volcano and film it erupting! Of course, video is only a small part of the work of drones, equipped with a variety of sensors, but also need to drill into the volcanic cloud to measure temperature, humidity and other data, but also take thermal imaging.

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Volcano researcher Emma Liu says drones provide a good solution for daily monitoring and field sampling of volcanic eruptions. These devices are not only very helpful to scientists, but also help local volcanoes to better warn of volcanic eruptions

volcanoes in the clouds also look beautiful. Source:

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