Naked Beach Mouse: I'm ugly, but I'm legendary.
Naked Beach Mouse: I'm ugly, but I'm legendary.
Legendary ugly and cute creature ~\ (≧▽≦) /~

Hello, everyone. Here is a column that introduces my strange cute points. See the → _ → water bear bug here in the previous issue: my cute point is that the naked shore mouse (Heterocephalus glaber, or naked mole rat) is a strange rodent that is ugly in the mud compared to the furry hamster.

(Hello, I am a naked beach mouse)

looks very unpleasant, but the naked shore mouse is quite a legendary animal.

it is a very rare true social creature, that is, like many ants, nude mice are bred exclusively by a small number of individuals, while the rest are only responsible for carrying bricks. (it should be noted that true sociality is very rare in mammals, but naked shore mice are not the only ones, and Damaran moles are also true social.)

(the chemical mice from the New World are based on naked mice. They live in true social tribes. )

in addition, the nude mice seem to have added a lot of "immortality" skill points. They are small rodents, weighing only a few dozen grams, but they can live to be 20 or 30 years old, which is 10 times the lifespan of laboratory mice. Compared with mice, the metabolism of nude mice also appears to be much lower.

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other oddities include the fact that nude mice are very insensitive to acid-induced pain and their extremely low incidence of cancer. For a long time before, people thought that nude mice could not have cancer at all, and it was not until the beginning of this year that the cases of cancer in nude mice were officially reported for the first time, which shows how serious they are.

Why can naked shore mice be so powerful? In fact, there is no perfect answer yet, but it is precisely because of these legendary characteristics that these ugly little guys have become an important object of study for scientists. From them, we may be able to get more information about aging and cancer.

PS: speaking of true sociality, the setting of Superman in Man of Steel is also very much like a true social creature. Read the original text to learn more about true sociality.