Most people with mild depression will have these five "mantras". I hope you haven't said any of them.
Most people with mild depression will have these five "mantras". I hope you haven't said any of them.
There will always be people who love you, and there will always be people to accompany you.

have you ever felt this way?

when I wake up in the morning, my first reaction is no longer to look forward to the beginning of a new day, but to feel painful and even don't want to face it at all.

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I finally struggle to get up, but I feel powerless and there is no point in doing anything.

I don't want to talk or socialize. I don't seem to be happy for a long time. I always fall into sadness and despair because of little things.

if you have these performances, you are likely to have an "emotional cold"-mild depression.

people with mild depression are prone to feel depressed, tired and powerless, pessimistic and world-weary.

they tend to use the following five mantras. If you often say it, you should pay attention to adjusting your attitude.

"I am really a useless person"

psychologist Freud once said:

"when a person is addicted to sadness, he will feel that the world is empty; when a person is depressed, he will feel empty."

people who are depressed feel worthless and accomplish nothing. They are used to looking at themselves in a negative way, focusing on their own shortcomings and shortcomings, so they always deny themselves.

I have read such a story:

A Jing, who achieved excellent grades from childhood to big, suffered from depression after trying to be admitted to an ideal university.

although she is excellent to outsiders, she has always been dissatisfied with herself and even thinks she is a "useless person".

after communicating with a psychiatrist, she suddenly realized that her inner pain originated from her mother's favorite sentence: "look at others, and then look at you."

growing up in the environment of "being compared" and "being denied", she planted the seeds of inferiority in the bottom of her heart.

depressed people tend to attach their own value to the evaluation of others. After being hit and denied, they slowly begin to feel that I am really useless and that I am not worthy of being appreciated.

in the long run, it will lead to emotional depression.

"I haven't been sleeping well lately."

there is a topic on Zhihu: "what is the experience of depression and insomnia?"

A netizen wrote:

"for more than a month, I looked at the street lights at two or three o'clock in the morning and had a splitting headache.

lying in bed, falling asleep, only to wake up more than an hour later, over and over again, waiting for the time to pass."

it is said that sleep is the cure for everything, but for people with depression, it is difficult to even fall asleep, and it is a luxury to get a good night's sleep.

they are not thinking too much, nor are they not tired or sleepy enough, but they are already very sleepy and tired. They close their eyes for several hours, and their consciousness is still awake, so they get through the sleepless nights.

if you are depressed because of troubles recently and only have insomnia within three or five days, don't have too much psychological burden first, try to adjust your state of mind;

if you have such problems for a long time, please do not endure these pains silently, seek professional help and actively cooperate with treatment, which is an important step out of the predicament.

here, for those of you who often suffer from insomnia, share two "sleep-aiding tips":

think before going to bed

find a comfortable sleeping position to lie down, close your eyes, and imagine yourself lying on a boat on the lake, the boat rocking gently, in front of the endless blue sky, you can feel a little dizziness.

I kept thinking about this picture in my mind, and I fell asleep before I knew it.

"4-7-8" sleep breathing

after exhaling through your mouth, close your mouth, inhale gently through your nose, and count silently for 4 seconds; then hold your breath and count for 7 seconds;

"I'm so tired"

"I really don't have any strength. I feel tired even breathing." I didn't do anything, but I felt very tired. "

many people with depression feel this way.

in fact, the "tiredness" felt by mild depression is not caused by physical labor, but a sense of powerlessness emanating from the heart.

they can't help thinking about a little thing or a sentence over and over again, and they are used to looking at things from a pessimistic point of view, even if nothing happens, they have thought of the worst outcome.

at work, I disagree with my colleagues, which affects the progress of my work, and I always feel that I will be hated by all my colleagues.

in the WeChat group, after sending a word, they repeatedly wonder whether there is something wrong with their words, or what they have done to offend everyone.

they feel exhausted in fighting with their brains and their thoughts and fears every day.

"it's all my fault"

success is a happy thing, but depressed people don't feel it.

when Ta succeeds, it is considered lucky; when Ta fails, it is all its own fault.

therefore, they are often in guilt and remorse, thinking that everything is "their own fault".

they live carefully for fear of doing anything wrong, for fear of involving anyone, but their hearts are still occupied by guilt.

"Why is it that everyone else is fine, but I am the only one who has become like this? is it my fault?" This is the voice of depression.

I want to tell you that it's depression.

it affects your judgment and makes you onlySee your imperfections and mistakenly think that all your mistakes are your fault.

but in the eyes of others, these mistakes may have nothing to do with you.

once read a piece of news on the Internet:

there was a top student of the National people's Congress who ended his life in the same year

. Before she died, she complained to her sister about the pressure of work.

she once said something like this: "recently, I often make mistakes at work. I feel like I can't do anything well. I'm very disappointed in myself."

however, she is obviously very good. A sister who once took part in the internship with her said, "Sister is a very serious and responsible person. She will help me if she has any questions to ask her."

mistakes at work are not necessarily her fault, but her sense of responsibility is so strong that she blames herself for all the mistakes, so that the heavy psychological burden overwhelms her.

A depressed person is used to self-attack, no matter what happens, always find his own reason first, and thus have a strong sense of self-blame, so that he is overwhelmed by negative emotions.

"so boring"

whatever you do, you feel boring.

you, who used to love sports, suddenly become lazy; once you like shopping, you don't even want to go out.

what you used to be passionate about, but now you don't have any interest or motivation to do anything, so you should be careful.

people with mild depression lose their energy, are not interested in anything, don't like to see people, don't want to talk, don't want to socialize, and everything is "so boring" in their view.

if you often feel "good and boring", it doesn't matter, accept that you don't want to do anything right now, and believe that this state is only temporary, and when you come out of your emotions, you will find that life is still good and happiness is very simple.

when you are in better shape, give priority to small things that can give you a sense of achievement, and slowly find the joy of life and motivation to work hard.

when a person has the above mantras, don't be too worried and afraid, and don't sit in the right seat, because under the pressure of life, many people will have negative emotions and face emotional problems in order to reconcile with it.

I suggest that you first try the following two ways to dispel emotions:

1. Take the initiative to talk and look for an outlet for emotional catharsis. Tell your stress and troubles to people you trust, and you will feel much more relaxed after talking.

2. Chat with friends, distract attention by listening to music, painting, writing, etc., and minimize the time spent alone in the room.

Don't despair if your depression has affected your daily life, study, and work.

because depression is not terrible, please go to a regular hospital to seek treatment in time, or to a professional psychological counseling institution for treatment. I believe everything will be all right.

maybe you haven't been feeling well lately, don't worry too much, you just have an "emotional cold".

, please remember that you are not alone. You will always have someone to love you and someone to accompany you.