Mobile aliens? This is a MHD clock.
Mobile aliens? This is a MHD clock.
Creative play of magnetic fluid

Black "ink" shuttles up and down, finally spelling out the numbers on the clock:

this is actually a magnetic fluid display panel designed by Zelf Koelman. The black things we see are magnetic fluids, they move to the desired position under the control of the electromagnet on the back, and the pattern to be displayed can be edited by a program.

in addition to composing numbers, these magnetic fluids can also be transformed into various magical dynamic patterns that look like mobile alien creatures....

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wriggle forward!

sit in rows:

it's raining in the dark clouds:

A smiling face?

the designer said it was a collision between "digital" and "natural" (because the magnetic fluid moves like some kind of creature), and it was fun.

the original video comes from:

magnetic fluid is a fluid made of nano-scale ferromagnetic particles uniformly dispersed in the liquid with the help of surfactant. It is paramagnetic and can form interesting bumps and folds when placed in a strong enough magnetic field. In addition to being a scientific toy, it also has many uses. It is said that the thing was first invented in 1963 by NASA's

Steve Papell, originally to develop a liquid rocket fuel that can be controlled by a magnetic field in a gravity-free environment.

this is also the most direct and interesting way for students to feel the magnetic field.