Miso soup: have a bowl of visible convection
Miso soup: have a bowl of visible convection
I saw the soup getting cold all the time.

and there happens to be one thing on people's table that is very suitable for observing convection, and that is a bowl of steaming miso soup.

here is the Weiqi soup convection I photographed:

in order to see convection clearly, a common method of hydrodynamics research is to add small particles to the fluid (which may also need to be illuminated by a laser). Then just observe how the small particles move, which is very intuitive. Miso soup happens to have a lot of its own particles, so the convection becomes very obvious.

the convection of hot flavor soup should be caused by the change of density during cooling. A bowl of hot soup cools faster on the surface and near the wall of the container, and the density of the soup increases slightly as the temperature decreases, so the liquid begins to sink, leading to convection. When it is cooled, there will be no convection.

I searched the tubing and found that some other netizens also recorded the convection of Weiqi soup, while others recorded the whole process with delay:

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(recorder: Joe Kozak)