Methane bubbles are frozen under the frozen lake
Methane bubbles are frozen under the frozen lake
A little bit of winter scenery

Let's take a look at some beautiful pictures today:

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you may have seen similar photos online. This is a frozen lake with a string of bubbles frozen between the clear lake ice.

what's in these bubbles? The answer is methane. They are mainly produced by the decomposition of organic matter by microorganisms at the bottom of the lake. In winter, these methane bubbles are blocked by ice and eventually frozen. It is said that this phenomenon mainly occurs in the thermokarst lake in the permafrost region.

however, not all frozen methane bubbles are so beautiful, and they could be the dusty look below.

these methane bubbles are also quite flammable:

bacterial metabolism processes like this actually take place in you and my intestines, and people's farts also contain methane and hydrogen.

then, can you light your fart? read the original text to understand it. (although many dead teenagers have tried it, it is not recommended that you try your own fart. Probably lit up all the clothes =)