Match small Rocket: impressions &  improvement
Match small Rocket: impressions & improvement
(ventilation is very important _ (: ventilation "∠) _)

A small rocket that uses matchhead as fuel has been shared before, but it has been actually made recently. I feel that the version of the tutorial I shared before is simple but not effective, so share some information about my feelings and improvements.

Let's put an effect first:

this is recorded during the test, and the flight is not bad. The rocket does not have a tail, and it can fly quite a long way without a tail, but the tail can further improve the effect of flight.

at the beginning of the production, I followed the MelScience version of the tutorial (that is, the one with the screenshot in the previous push), first cut a piece of 6cm*10cm aluminum foil, cut off the match head and bamboo stick and roll it in the aluminum foil, manually squeeze the front end, and then use 2cm*2cm aluminum foil to make the tail and stick it. But during the test flight, I found that many rockets can't fly far or even can't fly out at all.

after referring to some other tutorials, I feel that the most important defect of the previous version of the tutorial is that it does not emphasize the importance of sealing the front end. Just squeeze the aluminum foil by hand is easy to leave the seam, it is best to use pliers to fold back a small section of the front aluminum foil and then clamp, so that the success rate will increase a lot after treatment.

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(it is important to clamp the front end with pliers)

it is also found that rectangular aluminum foil is not easy to follow in the process of winding. BrainfooTV gives a good solution to this problem: trim the aluminum foil to the following shape, and then roll it from the left side.

(the printable version can be downloaded here: is actually not so precise.)

this shape does make it easier to stay in line. When rolling, on the one hand, we should keep the aluminum foil flat and close to the bamboo stick as far as possible, but on the other hand, we must also ensure that the aluminum foil tube can slide effortlessly on the bamboo stick. This degree of tightness may still need to be experienced by yourself. if it is too loose, it is easy to leak air and not fly far.

in terms of safety, the most important thing is fire prevention, wear goggles, stay away from combustibles, and do not fire at people. In addition, we also need to pay attention to ventilation. Matchheads produce sulfur dioxide gas during combustion, which is the power to push the rocket, but at the same time, too much contact can also make people feel uncomfortable. Especially when debugging repeatedly, be sure to do a good job of ventilation, otherwise you will smell brain pain _ (: skull "∠) _

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