Make a wave! Watch how the little robot wriggles forward.
Make a wave! Watch how the little robot wriggles forward.
The way of exercise is very unique.

after watching many robot videos, viewers may no longer be so easily excited about it. With wheels, four legs, or two legs, most of the time, robots always look the same way.

if you are tired of ordinary robots, the following little machine with a fresh style of painting may bring you a little new fun. It moves in a special way-twisting a sine wave:

in 2016, researchers published this unique robot design idea in a bionic-related journal. The little guy only needs an electric motor to complete its wavy twisting, and the speed is quite fast. A larger wave robot (pictured below) can move at a speed of 57cm /s, which is pretty good given its simple design.

how did this little guy wiggle? In fact, in its wavy structure, there is a spiral skeleton. The skeleton rotates under the drive of the motor, and the final effect of the rotation in the vertical direction is to form a continuously moving wave.

I don't know if I've made myself clear. Let's take a closer look at the rotation of the internal spiral skeleton:

with this wavy structure, you can realize the movement before and after, and then add a pair of wheels. you can turn:

this small wave machine is quite good at adapting to different environments. It can climb over uneven ground:

can swim:

can also crawl vertically along narrow slits:

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in view of the low cost of this thing (3D printing parts can be made for a few dollars), assembly is also more convenient. There may still be a lot of application potential ~

the way the waves move forward is quite cute. _ (: waves "∠) _