Make a book out of microbes! How do you do that?
Make a book out of microbes! How do you do that?
From "papermaking" to "printing", make a "microbiology book"

some creations with microbes have been posted before, and many researchers have painted with a variety of colorful bacteria and fungi, and even have special petri dish painting competitions. Now, Simon Park, a microbiologist (and also an artist) from the University of Surrey, has taken microbial art to a new level: he has made a book out of microbes. Yes, this book comes from all kinds of microbes, from "paper" to "ink".

next, let's take a look at what the book looks like:

the content of the book is the famous "Origin of species". At present, this "microbiology book" is still unfinished, and the book looks a little rough, but it is impressive enough.

this book does not use ordinary paper, but uses "bacterial paper", a cellulose membrane obtained by culturing xylose-Acetobacter (Gluconacetobacter xylinus). The bacteria can produce cellulose like plants, and after being cultured, deposited and dried, they get the "paper" that looks yellowed.

the words and patterns on "germ paper" are also printed with all kinds of bacteria. For example, the purple "ink" is Chromobacterium violaceum, which can be found in tropical and subtropical water and soil. Its colonies are beautiful dark purple. Kocuria rosea produces pink colonies and Vogesella indigofera is blue.

in addition, Simon Park has always been devoted to microbial art creation. It even collects dozens of microbes of different colors to form a living "paint library":

(this series is called C-MOULD, in which the story of "pigment" can be read.)

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the process of making a "microbiology book" is not easy, even this unfinished version. It also took nearly eight days to make "paper" from bacterial cellulose membranes, and another two days to "print" words and patterns. But Park says it's perfectly feasible to make a complete book like this.

look at these bacterial "pigments", don't you feel beautiful ~ some of the → microbial art of petri dish painting introduced earlier: soul painting on petri dish

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