Magical creature: today I would like to give you my favorite king foot worm.
Magical creature: today I would like to give you my favorite king foot worm.
What is said to be unlovable is not objective.

as the chief king of fruit shell with foot worm enthusiasts, today I would like to tell you about this super lovely creature!

what on earth is the king foot worm?

also known as giant deep-water lice (Bathynomus giganteus), is an isopod, the largest known species of the same kind, which can grow to 20 to 40 centimeters long, weigh about 1 kilogram, and live in the dark and cold deep sea. Of course, common names like "giant isopod" can also refer to other species of the same genus.

is a giant bug?

depends on how you define worms. The daily definition of insects is very vague, except insects, spiders, snails and so on. In view of the fact that rat women (tide worms, watermelon worms) are also called bugs, and rat women and king foot worms are isopods, it doesn't matter if they are giant insects.

(among the common creatures, it is probably the rat woman who is closest to the king's foot worm)

what are the other pods?

an order under crustaceans (Isopoda). One of the recognizable features of these animals is that they have seven pairs of 14 legs when turned over. Each pair of these legs looks the same, and that's what "waiting for feet" actually means. Shrimp and crabs belong to another order of crustaceans: Decapoda.

(14 legs of isopod)

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in addition, it is also far from mantis shrimp, but with a little resemblance to its tail.

and so on are all similar to each other. Does "having enough" mean that it has feet?

of course not! "foot" refers to a kind of Japanese armor, which means that the king's back armor is similar to it.

is it super fierce?

not most of the time. King foot worms spend most of their time quietly looking for dead animals to eat in the deep sea. But there is also evidence that they are not pure scavengers, which means they are sometimes caught alive. Video recordings show that the king can attack sharks with foot worms, but there is no detail about what happened at the time.

in addition, their defense should be quite strong, and they can also be shrunk into a ball to resist attacks.

(also cute in groups)

are you good at fasting?

indeed, I am good at not eating for a long time. Because they are often unsure when they will get their next meal, the king's foot worms are good at overeating and starving, and usually restrict their activities to conserve their energy. A famous king foot worm finally died after not eating for 1869 days in the aquarium. It also ate the fish fed several times at first, but then stopped eating it at all. the specific reason for this is not very clear.

what can I do?

Bathynomus giganteus itself is not known, but another closely related species, Dow deep-water lice Bathynomus doederleini, is indeed eaten by people. As for the taste, I haven't eaten it anyway.

where is lovely?

to put it simply, it is very special. It is a pleasure to learn that there are such interesting creatures in the world that are beyond the understanding of daily life.

finally, it's time to bask in!

below is a large collection display, which is today's theme, um...

the heaviest one,




the first one on the left is a twisted egg pendant inspired by a small sausage cut out by a big king with a foot worm.

the second is the King of Mystery with foot worm sushi

the third is the colored version of the twisted egg model, and this posture is different

the last two are the unpainted special edition of the fantastic Club, which are unfolded and curled, respectively.

below is a small plush king with foot worm magnetic patch, but not very much like _ (: plush "∠) _

10cm king foot worm, unpainted version:

finally, there are two plush toys that are not very similar:

here are two plush toys that I don't have but feel great:

Balloon foot worm:

~\ (≧▽≦) /~

Balloon foot worm:

~\ (≧▽≦) /~