Magic reaction: pharaoh's serpent and Pharaoh's Xiang.
Magic reaction: pharaoh's serpent and Pharaoh's Xiang.
A very magical but popular chemical experiment

it's the weekend again ~ Today we're going to enjoy the magical reactions of the two versions.

the first is the famous Pharaoh's Snake:

(the first is the accelerated version, and the latter is closer to the speed of the original video)

this is the thermal decomposition of mercuric thiocyanate, accompanied by the combustion of some of the products. They will form products that curl and expand like snakes, and the chemical reactions are as follows:

2C3N4 → 3 (CN) 2 + N2

in the eyes of many people, this reaction is quite cool, and it has even been used to make fireworks in the past. Of course, we can't do this anymore, and don't imitate it. Mercury salt itself is poisonous, and the resulting products are also toxic, so it is not fun to play without protection.

so, as a safer alternative, there is the so-called "home version of the pharaoh's snake" reaction, in which baking soda, powdered sugar and alcohol are mixed and ignited. will also gradually form a winding and swollen black product. However, this reaction is often complained about because of the gap between the phenomenon and the original. Especially after the color was changed to black, everyone said one after another, this is simply a flute.

well, that's it:

but after all, this reaction is much safer, as long as proper ventilation and pay attention to fire prevention, you can still try. If you want to know more about it, take a look at the original text.

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there are many ways to play things in the kitchen. Baking soda and purple cabbage are also good to play together. For details, please see: mini experiment: transformation, anthocyanin