Magic reaction: Bmerz reaction, hypnotic Jiapin
Magic reaction: Bmerz reaction, hypnotic Jiapin
Magical oscillatory reaction

(I don't know what to send today.) this is a chemical reaction that takes place in a plate, which produces particularly magic lines. Doesn't it feel hypnotic to stare at it?

this is an example of the Bmurz reaction (Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction). Bmurz reaction is a chemical shock reaction, which was first discovered in the 1950s. The reaction system will change periodically between the two states, and the "ripples" on the plate will also change. There are several versions of BMZ reaction, a common version of which is shown above. Bromate reacts with malonic acid, using cerium salt and o-phenanthroline ferrous ion (ferroin, red in reduced state and blue in oxidized state) as catalyst and reaction indicator respectively.

the motion picture here is from an accelerated delay photography video, which is 10 times faster than the actual speed.

if the reaction is carried out in a stirred solution, it looks like this:

but it is not so enjoyable.

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at present, the kinetic study of Bmurz reaction is still in progress, and researchers have done a lot of mathematical calculations on the reaction process. Here is a computer-simulated image of the plate Bmurz reaction. Does it feel more magical?

on the Internet, people have also found more uses for the vibrating pattern of this model, such as using it to make wrapping paper.

I hope everyone can get a good night's sleep after reading:)