Magic candle: the purpose of this thing is to destroy every birthday party.
Magic candle: the purpose of this thing is to destroy every birthday party.
Why can't the candle be blown out (╯ '□') ╯ ┻━┻

(Hello, everyone, it's April Fool's Day again. Today we're going to talk about a prank prop to deceive people's feelings, but what this article is about is true.)

how to make birthday children and big friends angry to have a stroke? Just secretly insert a "magic candle" into their birthday cake.

Why don't you make a wish and blow out the candles? Congratulations, it's hard to blow out this candle. A blown candle is always easy to revive:

(recorder: TheOzstock)

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A little friend who blows a magic candle until he has no love for life:

(at the moment, the little friend in the original video has been blowing the candle for a minute. I have to say, all the people who treat their children like this are bear parents! )

so, what's going on with this indestructible thing? In fact, the principle behind this is not complicated. Generally speaking, the secret of "Trick Candles" is that some magnesium powder is added to the candle wick.

nowadays candles are usually made of paraffin wax with a wick in the middle. After lighting the candle, the paraffin melts into a liquid, absorbs the candle wick through capillarity, and then turns into steam and burns.

when the candle is blown out, some paraffin steam floats out, and the paraffin steam can be reignited, which is why it can be reignited along the candle smoke trail:

and Magic Candle can complete this rekindling process without outside help. This is because the residual heat after blowing out the candle is enough to ignite the magnesium powder in the candle wick, and the spark produced by them can ignite the paraffin vapor again. If you look carefully at the first picture at the beginning, you can see these small sparks.

when the candle is burning, these magnesium powders are less likely to burn, because on the one hand, the lower part of the candle wick is immersed in liquid paraffin wax, and the magnesium powder on the candle wick does not touch the air; on the other hand, the process of forming paraffin vapor will also take away the heat from the candle wick.

having learned this trick, you can now go to other people's birthday parties and screw people up! If you think so, please remember one thing: this kind of candle may start a fire. After all, it's easy to re-burn. If you throw it into the trash can without careful confirmation, all the rubbish may burn up. Such candles are banned in Canada for safety reasons.

but it's not difficult to solve this problem. Just soak them in the water and isolate them from the air. You can soak them in the water for an hour or two before throwing them away or putting them away.

but anyway, I think it must be a very annoying person who invented it. Can't you let someone blow out a candle happily!