Magic activity: vote for the fattest brown bear
Magic activity: vote for the fattest brown bear
Come on, you are the fattest! (commendatory)

from October 3 to October 9, 2018, this is the day when the special event "Fat Bear week" is held in Katmai National Park and Nature Reserve (Katmai National Park & Preserve).

Yes, fat bear week (Fat Bear Week). During this week, enthusiastic netizens will choose between the Alaskan Peninsula brown bears in the reserve, and after layers of voting, the final winner will be chosen on October 9. Of course, there is only one criterion for the duel: choose the one that looks fattest.

(the latest battle situation on the Facebook account of Katmai National Park)

I can assure you that this event has absolutely no intention of mocking fat people. In fact, making yourself fat in autumn is very important to the survival of brown bears. The brown bears then go through a long hibernation, losing as much as 1gam3 body weight in the process. In order to get through the winter, brown bears naturally need to eat a lot to store fat, sometimes even adding a kilogram of fat a day. Fat stocks start in July, and Fat Bear week in early October is a good time to showcase the results of brown bears' autumn fat. The national park's Facebook account will post comparative photos of the participating bears in summer and autumn, asking netizens to like the bears they support.

(the pamphlet provides the basic knowledge of the brown bear and the characteristics of each bear, although I may not recognize it. )

all in all, it's a pretty amazing activity, but it's also good to increase people's understanding of brown bears. Choosing the fattest bear is probably an affirmation of the brown bears' efforts to live.

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