Literary Science: the Story of microbes on Paper
Literary Science: the Story of microbes on Paper
A real and illusory world of microbes on paper

Let's relax today and mainly enjoy a series of works of art. This is a series of paper carvings by artist Rogan Brown. Although it is not completely realistic, it is inspired by microbes in nature, from which you can also feel the shadow of petri dishes, bacteria, fungi and other elements. The details of these works are very fine, thanks to laser cutting technology, these works are made on the basis of a combination of manual and laser processing.

in people's eyes, microbes always seem to have some mysterious colors, and they are often associated with infectious diseases that are harmful to health, but they are also a part of nature. it is also important for human beings to recognize their true faces through microscopes and other means.

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Let's start looking at the pictures.

if you want to see a more realistic microbial model, I have also introduced some huge microbial glass works

. In addition, I like a popular science book about microbes for children, called "stories of microbes." the illustrations are very cute. More information on literary and scientific topics can be found in the bottom menu bar.