Literary Science: how to listen to a famous painting?
Literary Science: how to listen to a famous painting?
The collision of color and sound

this is the idea of a man named Yiannis Kranidiotis. He is a researcher in physics and also works in art. Although the nature is quite different, but light and sound have the property of "wave" after all, so Kranidiotis also hopes to use this way of thinking to connect light and sound.

in the creation of "listening to famous paintings", he first broke down a painting into many small boxes, and then matched the colors in the grid with the sounds of different frequencies. For example, red corresponds to a higher frequency sound (up to 800Hz) and blue light corresponds to a lower frequency sound (as low as 50Hz).

(Gee, but it's the other way around. )

in this way, when you appreciate a painting from a different perspective, you can hear sounds of different frequencies. It's an interesting idea, but it still sounds a little strange.

the scenery seen by the human eye is only a small part of the scenery _ (: cute "∠) _

finally put on a cute picture:

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