Like sapphire eyes? Then look at the scallops.
Like sapphire eyes? Then look at the scallops.
In fact, it is very beautiful blue eyes, but the total is a little too much.

A short video from Nikon's "Little World" photography competition in 2012. Producer: Kathryn R. Markey, Roger Williams University

this is a bay scallop (Argopecten irradians), which opens its shell and observes its surroundings with dozens of small blue eyes. Yes, the jewel-like little blue dots on the edge of the shell are its eyes:

the scallop's eyes are reflective, with a mirror-like structure reflecting light onto the retina. The structure of the eye is as follows:

these blue eyes are actually quite beautiful:

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these eyes help scallops sense movement and light and help them avoid predators. As for the way to avoid it, it is like this:

(original video from: iwasdoingfinelurking)

although it can only swim a short segment, it is still very effective given that the other person is a starfish.

finally answer the question of how to get better. Bay scallop is an edible variety, yes, good. However, it may not be the scallop you usually eat. Other edible species include scallop chlamys farreri, shrimp scallop and so on. For more information, please see the introduction to the original species calendar.