Light like a candle, blow like a candle, and you tell me it's not a candle?
Light like a candle, blow like a candle, and you tell me it's not a candle?
The fire won't beat. LED doesn't even have a soul! (no)

(this article is first published in the fruit shell)

there is such a thing that it looks like a candle, lights up like a candle, shines like a candle, can be blown out like a candle, and gives off a wisp of smoke after blowing it out. Guess what it is?

the answer is a LED light. To be exact, this is a LED high simulation candle lamp.

replacing candles with LED is not uncommon in itself. Small lights in various candle shapes can be found by random search on shopping websites. After all, people always come across situations where they want to create a romantic atmosphere but don't want an open fire burning on the table all the time.

(the average LED candle lamp looks like this. Photo Source:

but according to tubing anchor Keith, all these commercially available candle lights are weak. They are unexpectedly controlled by the switch, and the "fire light" is motionless and cannot be blown out. It is simply soulless! So he went to battle himself and began to DIY this candle lamp, which is more real in all aspects.

what does this candle look like? Here's the secret:

under the camouflage of a glass covered with wax oil, it is actually a series of electronic components with the Arduino Pro Mini microcontroller as the core.

six led lights are responsible for generating candlelight. Why six? Because a lamp can't perfectly restore the way the candle light swings and twinkles with the air. These six LED are independently controlled, and will randomly change the brightness, together to produce a "beating" fire. (of course, the fire doesn't have a shape, so cover the glass with wax oil and hide them all behind.)

of course, that's not enough. Keith believes that a Ben candle lamp must have a ceremonial sense of "lighting" with a match. But how do you "light" a few LED bulbs? The answer is: add an infrared sensor to the control system to sense the proximity of the heat source.

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of course, after "lighting", there needs to be a "blow out" link, and be sure to float out a wisp of smoke like a real candle. How do you do this? It is a microphone that detects the blowing, and a "wick" made of fiberglass that forms the smoke. The "wick" is dipped in glycerol and can be heated by electricity to produce smoke (in fact, this is also the principle that many e-cigarettes produce smoke. ).

finally, if you want more romantic aromatherapy candles, add a few drops of essential oil to the wick.

the principle may not be complicated, but it took a lot of work to make this high imitation candle lamp. Keith says it took three years for the project to be completed (of course, it was doing something else most of the time).

my impression on this is: very good, but really very unnecessary.

unless otherwise noted, the pictures in the article are from: Keith\'s Test Garage. You can follow him on YouTube to see more production details.

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