Life question: why is beer bitter?
Life question: why is beer bitter?
Many people love beer very much, but many people can't get used to its bitter taste. So why does beer taste bitter?

Cold beer is a good companion in summer, and some enthusiasts may be inseparable from it all the year round. However, there are also many people will say, this bitter bar is nothing good to drink! Why does beer taste bitter?

the bitter taste of beer comes from hops. Hops is a kind of plant (Humulus lupulus L. Ah, this scientific name is a bit cute), it looks like this:

(by the way, although it is slightly related to marijuana, it does not contain high ingredients)

hops contain a series of compounds related to the bitterness of beer, such as geranione, permethrin, hemp ketone, etc., in the brewing process, they will undergo isomerization, oxidation and other reactions, giving beer unique bitterness. At the same time, hops is also one of the sources of beer aroma.

A very important reason for putting hops in beer is actually antiseptic. These ingredients inhibit the growth of miscellaneous bacteria and make beer more durable (of course, with the advent of modern technology, the role of hops has become less important). However, the substances in hops are sensitive to light, and isoalpha acids can react with riboflavin from malt under light conditions, causing flavor damage, so beer is usually stored in dark glass bottles.

in the following picture, the upper left and upper right are the α and β acids from hops, respectively, and the following are some volatile oils and esters, which are also part of the flavor.

(picture from: compoundchem)

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do you like beer? Don't drink too much.

read the original text to see how homemade beer is made. However, if you are not confident about your own conditions, I do not recommend you to try. Because if the fermentation conditions are not well controlled, it may bring some food safety problems.

(and how troublesome it is. Anyway, I don't bother to do _ (: beer "∠) _)

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