Life question: why do fingers wrinkle?
Life question: why do fingers wrinkle?
Does wrinkling your fingers help? Scientists say: ┑ (recently recognized) ┍

as long as you soak in the water for about 5 minutes, your fingers will become wrinkled, which you can often see when taking a bath and swimming. Why on earth do your fingers wrinkle?

the problem can probably be divided into two aspects: how finger wrinkling occurs, and whether it has been retained because of some evolutionary advantage.

first of all, how does finger wrinkling happen? To be sure, this is not a simple skin "bubble" process.

wrinkling occurs only in "hairless skin with sweat glands", in other words, palms and feet. Many years ago, surgeons discovered that some patients with nerve damage in the hand would no longer experience wrinkling of a sailor's finger, thus discovering that it was innervated by sympathetic nerves. Given that the sympathetic nerve is responsible for controlling blood vessels, the researchers naturally thought that the process might be related to changes in blood flow. A 2003 study found that finger wrinkling is indeed associated with vasoconstriction. As for why the skin is not wrinkled elsewhere, the researchers believe this is due to differences in the structure of the skin.

(also wrinkled toes and soles)

so, are there any evolutionary benefits of wrinkling fingers? Some scientists do think it's good: wrinkled fingers may be better at grasping in a wet environment. A paper put forward this idea in 2011, comparing wrinkled fingers with the patterns of non-skid tires, arguing that they are actually very similar and can guide moisture away through grooves to prevent it from remaining on the contact surface to hinder grip. The 2013 study also supported this idea, when subjects were asked to quickly grab a glass ball from the water and tested under the conditions of smooth fingers and wrinkled fingers. It was found that the fingers performed better when they were wrinkled.

it would have seemed perfect if it had ended here, and it all made sense-but it wasn't simple.

even if it sounds reasonable, the evidence of the above view is not hard enough, and dissenting voices have emerged. Another group of researchers repeated the previous experiment and got the opposite result: wrinkled fingers did not show a significant advantage. Another 2015 study measured it with a new method, and the results showed that wrinkling made the grip worse. Scientists on this side believe that wrinkling is just a by-product of vasoconstriction and is useless.

so, if you ask me whether wrinkling my fingers is of any use in the end, I can only say, I don't know, ╮ (╯ _ ╰) ╭

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